George thinks we should give it a try

I have decided to make an effort to improve the way I teach by tapping into the world of teachers who are already on the path of maximizing their effectiveness and impact by using technology wisely. In fact, I read a blog post today that just pushed me.

I have been an elementary Core French teacher for about five years, and I must say it took me this long to finally realize the importance of AIM, a language teaching method that everyone is using now. Working at my current school, I am surrounded by such enthusiastic students, and they are so into the program that I finally give in. I am gesturing now, and I love it. I took pictures of the students showing different gestures, all of which are going on the walls. I’m glad they are not new to it.

I’m also starting Edmodo with one of my Jr. classes to get blogging. I get the importance of using edtech as an aid to promote meaningful and engaging learning. I like the idea of connecting and sharing through blogging and I wonder how it will work out in my classroom.


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